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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 15
OG 11.8
ABV 5.2

Mills City Wheat

Winter Wheat - Wheat beer with a subtle spicy note from the addition of rye malt. Also oats in the malt bill gives a smooth mouthfeel to this slightly warming beer for winter.

IBU 24
OG 11.0
ABV 5.0

Northern Lights Kolsch

Crisp, refreshing Kolsch gets its character from pilsner malt and restrained hopping.


IBU 50
OG 13.5
ABV 5.8

Howling Loon IPA

Refreshing IPA with a kick of citrus/grapefruit flavor.

IBU 65
OG 14.9
ABV 6.0

Sub-Zero IPA

Dry and juicy, this IPA is dry and sharp like a winter wind, but has a juicy hop presence like a wet snow Minnesota snowstorm. A change of pace from the Howling Loon.


IBU 25
OG 14.5
ABV 6.0

Skol Vinr! Amber

Gluten-reduced, balanced amber with a touch of honey. Malty and toasty.

Roasty & Dark

IBU 30
OG 20.2
ABV 7.9

Stormtrooper Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout, roasty with hints of chocolate, espresso and stone fruit. As bold as the name implies it will warm you on a cold Minneasota winter day.


IBU 30
OG 13.5
ABV 5.8

Fire Chief Red Ale

Irish Red Ale, caramel and slight hop flavor. Hoist a pint and proceeds go to Firefighters for Healing, providing financial and emotional support to children and families experiencing burn trauma.

Specialty High ABV


Altered Reality

Sticke Altbier aged in a Jim Beam barrel. Balanced, sweet beer with a bite of Jim Beam. It will alter your reality.....

IBU 75
OG 17.7
ABV 7.8

Eruption Imperial IPA

This Imperial IPA is smooth, but with an explosion of hops and spicy character from the rye malts used. A good warming beer for these cold Minnesota days and nights!

Casks Conditioned

ABV 5.0

Dry Hopped Northern Lights Kolsch

Northern Lights Kolsch dry hopped with the experimental hop HBC 682.

ABV 6.0

Dry Hopped Skol Vinr! Amber

Skol Vinr! Amber dry hopped with experimental hop HBC 682.